French & Garden Doors

The Perfect Sliding Door Replacement


The perfect size to replace your slider with a swinging door!

  • Pre-finished White (Polytech) -24 Ga. Steel Doors
  • 1-5/8″ brickmould for primed jambs, or 2″ brickmould for vinyl jambs
  • Prep of cylinder lock and 1-5/8″ deadbolt lock
  • NO lock prep for inactive doors in double door systems
  • Painted systems – lite frames and astragals are painted tone on tone

Standard Glass Options

Clear Glass
Privacy Rain Glass
9 Light

Decorative Glass Options

Oak Park

Upgrade by Having Your Door Painted One of 18 Colours

French Doors Feature a Secure Multi-Point Astragal

No more air and water infiltration. No more leaks!

  • Solid protection against deflection – three secure locking points stop air and water infiltration.
  • Works with most standard deadbolt lock sets – no special hardware.
  • Retractable floating boot – will not compress, become damaged or fall off after continued use. The boot lifts up with the flush bolt to clear the threshold when the door is opened and is secured in place when the door is closed to provide a lasting seal.
  • 4 way adjustable strike plates – maintain even margins using existing hardware.
  • Easy installation.


A one-two punch for secure performance

1 The flip lever activates both flush bolts and the floating boot at the same time.

2 Engaging the deadbolt activates both lock pawls into keepers. Secure performance standard.