A Word About NAFS-11 Code Approval

The adoption of NAFS-11 and the Canadian Supplement (CSA A440S1-17) in many jurisdictions across Canada has brought big changes to the way we grade and label our windows and doors. Fenestration Canada has released a Performance Calculator Tool to assist you in finding the requirements for your projects.
This calculator is meant to be used as a guideline only.

Ontario: NAFS-08 and CSA A440S1-09 are required for all installations with building permits issued after January 1, 2014. If the building permit was issued before January 1, 2014 the older standards apply, provided ground is broken on the job within 3 to 6 month of the date of issue of the permit, this time frame will be defined by the local building officials. The biggest changes are to product labeling requirements and how product performance is rated.

NAFS Code Approved FAQ 

How do I know if I am Code Approved?
  • A Building code Approved Exterior System will have a label (typically on the hinge side of the door stile) that references the NAFS requirements the door tested to. Usually a gold label.
Why does being Code Approved matter?
  • A Building Code approved system means the system is tested to NAFS Building code requirements in terms of air and water penetration, operating cycles, force of entry etc. The system and building practices are also enforced by an Independent certification body. The combination of all components would be tested as a system vs a system with multiple components used that are not tested together.
Where on my home are Code Approved doors required?
  • All doors installed on a residential building are required to be code approved. On new construction or any time a building permit is issued that door could be inspected to meet the required standards.
What type of warranty comes with a Code Approved door system?
  • The warranty varies by supplier, but doors built to a NAFS code approved system have to be built to a much higher quality standard (enforced by an Independent certification body) using the same components that have been tested and proven to work.