Quick Ship Prefinished Steel Entrances

Ready to Ship in 2 Weeks

Several Steel Door Styles in Prefinished Black or White
6 Decorative and 5 Standard Glass Options
Half Lite, 3/4 Lite and Full Lite Glass
Full Lite Sidelites in Panel or Direct Set
Door Frames Available in Black or White


Proudly Made in Canada


Quick Ship Configurations

Single Door

Single Door + Sidelight

Single Door + Operating Sidelight

Single Door + Direct Set Sidelights

Double Doors

Quick Ship Door Options

We have a great selection of ENERGY STAR© certified doors, door lights and side lights that provide the style, performance and quality you expect.

Quick Ship Black Prefinished Steel Door Style Options (black exterior with white interior)

6 panel

2 Panel 1/2 (London)

3 Panel

2 panel 3/4 (Orleans)



(Craftsman Style)


6 Panel Half Lite Cut Out

2 Panel Half
Cut Out

3 Panel
Cut Out

2 Panel 3/4 Cut Out

Soho 3/4 Cut Out

Full Cut Out

Quick Ship White Prefinished Steel Door Style Options

6 Panel

london steel door slab

2 Panel 1/2 (London)

3 Panel

2 Panel 3/4 (Orleans)



(Craftsman Style)

flush steel door slab


london steel door slab

6 Panel Half Lite Cutout

2 Panel Half Lite Cutout

3 Panel Cutout

2 Panel 3/4 Lite Cutout

Soho 3/4 Lite Cutout

Soho 1 Lite Cutout

(Clear or Sandblasted Glass Available)
london steel door slab

Soho 4 Lite Cutout

(Clear or Sandblasted Glass Available)

Sydney 1 Lite Cutout

(Clear or Sandblasted Glass Available)

Sydney 3 Lite Cutout

(Clear or Sandblasted Glass Available)

Victoria Cutout

(Clear and 6 Lite SDL Glass Available)

Full Lite Cutout

Quick Ship Sidelite Options

Fill Any Opening

With a large variety of both Panel and Direct Set sidelites you can virtually fill any opening.
Both Single and double sidelites are available.

Direct Set

Glass mounted directly into the frame.

  • A seamless look, allowing more light in
  • Glass Sizes 7-1/8″ in 1/2″ increments to 13-1/8″
  • Glass available in Clear and Sandblasted

*Direct Set Glass Options

Clear Low-E Sandblasted


Steel Panel sidelites with 7″W glass.

  • Full lite glass only
  • Panel Sizes 10″, 12″ to 18″ in 1″ increments
  • Glass options shown below

Quick Ship Decorative Glass


More Information

Monterey offers Craftsman design elements and a bit of modern style to your home’s entrance door. Clear bevels provide visibility, yet the translucent, textured glass offers a high privacy level. Available with Patina caming.

Glass Textures

Clear Bevels               Granite            Micro Granite

Patina Caming

Privacy Level 7


More Information

Nouveau places a brilliant bevel cluster at its center and frames it with a Classic translucent beveled glass design. Nouveau offers a medium level of privacy. Available with Patina caming.

Glass Textures

Clear Bevels              Glue Chip

Patina Caming

Privacy Level 6

Oak Park

More Information

When you think Craftsman style, you’re thinking Oak Park. Patina caming and handcrafted, textured glass create a striking geometric pattern reminiscent of Arts and Crafts design. Four glass textures create a bright entryway and medium privacy level.

Glass Textures

Clear Bevels             Crinkle                   Seedy               Thin Reed

Patina Caming

Privacy Rating of 5


More Information

Wrought iron designs are as current today as they were 100 years ago. The pronounced fretwork of Courtyard creates a look that is both strong and subtle. Courtyard offers a high privacy level.

Glass Textures


Wrought Iron Caming

Privacy Rating of 9


More Information

Offering a high level of privacy and an understated backdrop, Blanca has a frosted, slightly stippled surface.

Glass Textures


Privacy Rating of 9


More Information

With its simple and classic framed configuration, Transit is perfect for achieving a timeless look while also being a good fit with contemporary styles.

Glass Textures

Milette Clear Mirror Bevelled French Interior Door Glass          
Clear             Sandblasted Ink Finish

Privacy Rating of 6

Available Quick Ship Standard Glass Options

Options Available in Half, 3/4 and Full Lite Glass for the cutout door options shown above. Full lite sidelites only. 


Mini Blinds




Quick Ship Frame Options

Complete your exterior door system with jamb options in Primed Finger Joint Pine, PVC, or Vinyl Wrapped.
Options available in a variety of sizes in both black and white.

Sizes (4-9/16″, 6-9/16″, 7-5/8″, 7-1/4″)


Primed Finger-joint Pine Interior and Exterior


Upgrade to:

ROCSOLID PVC (Maintenance Free, Water & Weather Proof)

The durability of a PVC window on the outside and the versatility of wood on the inside. Completely maintenance free, water and weather proof. Available in Black or White.




Vinyl Wrapped Finger-joint

12mil rigid PVC film bonded with permanent waterproof exterior polyurethane glue. Base made of rot-resistant Alaskan yellow cypress to prevent water wicking. Available in Black or White.

RocSolid PVC Jamb for Doorsmith Exterior Door Systems

Doorsmith Warranty

Full 10 Year warranty on slab finish, manufacturing defects.
Glass 10-20 year limited warranty on Glass (Glass specific).
10 Year limited Warranty on full Door system.